New Years Eve

Every year I resolve to make better decisions that ultimately lead to less struggle and disappointment in my life,

And ever year I inevitably beat myself up for continuing to experience struggle.

I’ve finally come to the conclusion that life is just happening and this is it  – not as many bells and whistles as i had envisioned but a lot of beauty in places and ways i never expected.

If there is no struggle there is no growth and if i can vividly hallucinate someone else words from a book for hours on end surely i can hallucinate myself some bells and whistles for all my small personal wins.



My name is Georgia Carter. I believe in happiness, exploration, fun, sunshine, real food, mother nature, myself, balance, sustainability, DIY, meditation,  gratitude & LOVE!

My life thus far has been a series of spectacular hollywood movie moments to the most hilarious of unfortunate miss adventures. In a wholehearted attempt to portray and embody only the best version of myself I had been neglecting and suppressing large, true and none the less worthy aspects of my true self. This lead to my experience of reality being one of much fear and disillusionment. But through much courage and compassion I was able to become the observer of myself rather than the judge. Which is the most liberating thing I could have ever imagined. And that has lead me to now – living a life full of gratitude, laughter, fun and truth! Here, I will be sharing and discussing my journey of learning & exploring, growing through my challenges and the tools I  am using to keep my body, mind and soul in balance and bursting with love and light!

It is now my current and life long endeavour to embrace all facets of my sparkling multi dimensional self; To live a life free of oppression and guilt and in doing so I invite you to join me – to be inspired to get to the depths of your own genuine perspective, free of judgments from yourself and then you will too be free of the judgments of others. It is my wish to make use of my personal narrations constructively and to offer my unique philosophy of this world, this life, our souls, our health, our environment, the above and the below; in hopes that you might too find the curiosity and strength to develop a deep, loving relationship with your inner voice, your higher consciousness, and trust in your heart of hearts.

So together we can all truly live our wildest dreams and create more magic in our beautiful abundant universe!

Love, G x