Finding Purpose

Everything has been said before,
Is it fortunate or unfortunate that it has not been understood by all ?

For had it not been said and done here prior,
This knowledge I would be yet to acquire

So I shall be not intimidated by my desire,
To express my truth to all that I wish to inspire

G x


Lemon & Poppy seed Naked Balls

So, I generally hate and tend stay away from recipes with too many silly ingredients that make them seem overly complicated … So what have I done? Created a recipe with a hundred thousand silly little ingredients! But I am excited to share my own creation with you none the less!

Im working on healing and strengthening my solar plexus chakra at the moment and what better way than with an infusion of my favourite fruit – bright, healing, energising LEMON!

I like to call these my Naked Balls because they’re really very good for you, but its still much more fun to be a little bit naughty 😉
With this recipe I simply followed my intuition and tried to get in as many fabulous nutrients as possible – in other words I made it up as I went along and just used what I had on hand and that ended up being a lot of odds and ends – but the idea is that if you use 2 cups of any nut meal or a combination with coconut flour or other dry ground ingredients you can think of + some small handfuls of whatever extra nuts/seeds/dried fruit you like + approx 10 TBSP of binding liquids or dates + natural flavours & sweetness to your taste = You’re in business ! You’ll be able to tell if you need some more dry or wet ingredients as they won’t roll into balls easily and hold their shape (OH Hi there, Arrowroot flour) – so add little by little until you achieve your desired consistency which you will become more familiar with the more you make them!

Lemon & Poppy Seed Naked Balls

1 cup hazelnut meal
1/3 cup Macadamias diced
1/4 cup shredded coconut
1/4 cup LSA
1/4 cup goji berries
3 TBSP Poppy seeds
2 TBSP Hemp seeds
2 TBSP sunflower seeds
1 tsp chia seeds
1 tsp Arrowroot flour
1 tsp Maca Powder
1 tsp Lucuma Powder
1/4 tsp Stevia
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground vanilla

3 TBSP coconut oil
3 TBSP Tahini
2.5 TBSP Agave nectar
3 pitted medijool dates
Juice & zest of 1 large lemon

1. Add all the dry ingredients to a bowl
2. Add all the wet ingredients together then add them to the bowl with the dry ingredients
3. Mix well with you’re hands & roll into balls
4. !!! FREEZE !!!
(Can be stored in the fridge or freezer until devoured)


Little lessons on self love…

It is of the upmost importance to show yourself a great deal of compassion.
Do not let anyone, even yourself, make you feel unworthy of your pain. It is yours; It is within your experience and must be acknowledged in order to be let go of and transformed into a butterfly of personal growth.
There is no use in sweeping it under the rug because ‘Others have it worse than you’ – That only serves to perpetuate feelings of guilt and I’ve not met a soul yet who’s been comforted remotely by that statement. It will be of far greater value to approach your situation with empathy, as though it is the most important conflict in the world and then begin to nut your way out of it, slowly and gently. As if you were offering guidance to your best friend. Then the issue can dealt with or worked through. But if you do not accept there was ever an issue – nothing can possibly be resolved. And if you were to berate yourself – well, war only leads to longer wars. Kill your troubles with kindness.

SUMAC x 3 !

I truly nailed this weeks dinner challenge. 3 New recipes and a new ingredient ! I have to say a giant thank you to the gorgeous Lauren from AscensionKitchen for her amazing recipes!

New flavour in the spice rack is SUMAC !
Sumac has been on my ‘to try’ list for a little while now its featured a lot in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine and I’m wishing I had gotten around to it sooner, it has surely become a new favourite and staple! It has an irresistibly rich yet fresh aroma – something akin to an amazing paprika X cumin X lemon mash up! Plus its rich in Vitamin C antioxidants, it is anti microbial so it fights bad bacteria in the body, a potent anti fungal as well as being anti inflammatory! Such a gem !

I LOVE falafel but unfortunately its fried and does not make my insides feel the love … I’ve tried variations of baked falafel previously and had no such luck, this HealthyBakedFalafel recipe from Ascension Kitchen blew my mind! First of all, they are green! And jam packed with goodness! Spinach, parsley, coriander and sunflower seeds to bind them! I cannot control my need to tweak recipes and make them my own so I swapped the sesame seeds for hemp seeds for added brain power!  AND this recipe also features an incredible a turmeric dip! Turmeric has to be one of my favourite spices, it is just ridiculous how good for your body… I try to include it wherever I can!

Im dip obsessed and was really feeling the Middle Eastern vibes so I couldn’t resist whipping up a bowl of LovelyBonesHumus! Humus is classic healthy dip however, traditionally made with chickpeas and since I’m not so much a fan of over doing it with legumes – this recipe is so super clever and uses peeled ZUCCHINI instead! And it tastes – dare I say – better than original humus! I once again added hemp seeds and topped it with sumac for the trifecta!

Served with a giant, fresh Mediterranean style salad on a bed of crunchy lettuce and shredded cabbage because eating rainbows is just too much fun !

G x



Conscious Cooking

I had always detested cooking… until I began treating food as my medicine. When I came to fully understand the truth and madness behind the food industry, I felt compelled to prove to myself that REAL food was amazing on its own. I had no desire to give up my favourite foods completely I just knew that there had to be better ways that I could make them for myself! And the idea that I could create them in such a way that not only would I be guilt free but also doing something really great for myself excited me so much that I momentarily forgot how useless I thought I was in the kitchen!

The world of endless possibilities really opened up for me when I focussed on healing herbs and spices. I have made the simplest and easiest discoveries by looking to other cultures as a source of inspiration and by just being open and experimenting.  And It doesn’t take that long to become familiar with flavour combinations  and figure out what pairs well with what. Who knew that kale, coconut milk, turmeric, salt & pepper could be a little golden miracle?

I endeavour to always use fresh local produce (organic where possible). Only in times of desperation will I ever buy fruit or vegetable from any big name supermarket. They’re not real, they are genetically modified mush. No nutrients, no goodness, no flavour and full of pesticides and poisons that are completely counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve by making a healthy meal. Plus its so damn nice to get to know you’re local green grocer or farmers at the market! You can feel the love and care they have for what they do and you can taste it in the produce, the mutual appreciation that occurs is just so beautiful! It feels so good to know that whilst supporting yourself you are also supporting others to fulfill their passions and they’ve usually got some damn good recipes that their more than happy to share with you! It took a It takes a little time and planning to stay organised and on top of everything but it is so worth it plus I always cook large meals which means left overs and believe me when food tastes this good you actually want to eat it all week long!

I’ve never been a big meat eater and would never ever ever cook it myself. I have now been a vegetarian for the better part of the last 3 years (I thought I missed chicken for a little while but after eating it again it made me terribly sick so that was that, meat just doesn’t agree with me, physically or morally) and as of January 1st 2016 I became a vegan. It was something I had been thinking about for quite a while and it was becoming harder and harder to ignore. So now after spending a couple of years exploring I am challenged with making dishes that are vegan, refined sugar and gluten free! Which is actually not that hard at all when you are using REAL food! All the flavour you think you’re going to miss is actually increased with all the added herbs and spices! Plus food becomes a multi sensory experience, so pretty to look at and so fun to eat the rainbow!

When you have insight into the true benefits of food the cooking process changes dramatically! You are not only making a meal, you are cultivating and passing on good health and nourishment in order to sustain life!  Weather your cooking just for one or for your loved ones it can become a meditative, self love ritual as you can enhance the benefits of the abundant nutrients and send loving intentions into your meals with every stir of the wooden spoon! So now that I have taken the plunge and committed to a vegan lifestyle for at least a year (I’m not going to lie I miss cheese already) I have decided to challenge myself even further with my cooking.
Every week I’m going to endeavour to either make one recipe that I  have never made before or use at least one ingredient I have never cooked with before!

And I shall, of course, be sharing my experiences and recipes here! Stay tuned for updates with this weeks healthy baked falafels and last weeks raw phad thai (that even my completely carnivores uncle couldn’t get enough of) 😀

Love, G x

Honesty Hour on Health

I’ll start with a bit of a back story…

I had always considered myself as someone who was attentive to what they ate and strived to eat a healthy balanced diet. However I was under the impression that processed snack food and other nasties could and should be part of the balance, to avoid torturous feelings of deprivation. In truth, I was someone who was very self conscious of how my body looked. I was very much controlled by food, I would say I suffered various degrees of eating disorders from about the age of 11. I have spent so many years trying to find and follow the easiest, healthiest diet and lifestyle plans and inevitably spiraling out of control with feelings of guilt.

About a year and a half ago I took it upon myself to really begin to educate myself about nutrition. After experiencing debilitating anxiety and varying degrees of depression as a result of pushing myself in the wrong directions, I was exhausted and unbalanced and I just felt that my body was not functioning optimally. I was already well aware of the medical industry’s focus on their meal ticket and had been down the road of doctors and “medical professionals” in high school and they did not sit well with me at all. Plus I was dead broke and jobless. I knew this was in my power to fix and if ancient cultures lived for years and years with no unnecessary pills so could I.

I began with getting to the bottom of the food industry. And after discovering that the majority of food produced is tainted with toxic chemicals, preservatives, sugar  and just fake fake FAKE! I was disgusted and almost traumatised. It still astounds me how many lies are advertised and accepted by the general public. Seriously what is e622 and why is it  even in anything?! The idea that a lot of these toxic additives are safe is circumstantial. That specific amount in one packet of chips is usually just under the limit for it to be considered so, which means that if you were to eat two packets thats not going to be ok for you but as soon as you walk out of the supermarket its not the food company’s problem and they don’t care. The effects chemicals have on your system is unbelievably horrendous, not only physically with weight gain and skin eruptions but they do crazy things to your hormones resulting in uncontrollable fluctuations of moods as well as doing serious damage to your overall immune system. And the reality is that we have not been doing these things to food for long enough to know the true long term effects. (I wonder why the prevalence of autism and childhood behavioural disorders have increased so much in the last 10 years… hmm… )

When I was able to identify what was TRULY GOOD and what was not the I had anxiety around food reduced and I looked to healing the damage I had unknowingly been doing for many years. I discovered the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine where they talk about storing emotions in your organs and if their not functioning correctly it can have astronomical effects on your mood! And vice versa if you’re a really angry person your liver is probably very sad and therefor not able to do its job of removing toxins correctly. I began understanding that certain foods at certain times had the ability to maintain or throw off this balance. And when I made the decision to start eating for health I saw dramatic and even unexpected side effects in my body and mind.

I will admit for a while I lost focus on health and slipped back into old habits of focusing on the physical aspects but that is why I feel confident to express my experiences and advocate my way of life because I have swung back and forth like a pendulum on numerous occasions.

All REAL food is good but you must still be mindful of balance.  You can always still have too much of a good thing. When you are truly conscious of what you’re putting into your body, you can tell what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. And when you’re striving for balance that means that within every meal or over the course of your day you should be exposing your body to a wide variety of REAL food and by that I mean whole foods, fruits and vegetables in abundance! And that includes nuts and seeds and spices galore! Herbs and spices are some of the best sources of antioxidants and have the incredible ability to transform any meal into an absolute masterpiece!  And knowing that everything I cook and eat is doing so much good for my body just fills me with so much love and gratitude!

Part || CONCIOUS COOKING coming soon but in the meantime … I implore you to explore REAL food 😀

Love G x

Why am I here

So far I’ve learnt that the answer is simply to grow.

Grow taller like the tree; Grow stronger like the ox; Grow smarter like Einstein; Grow kinder like a mother. It is what everything on the planet is inherently doing.

Growth comes through learning lessons, lessons are learnt from having new experiences.

Expanding your horizons needn’t be daunting; before anything is second nature it was once completely foreign. All it requires is shift in perception and a calm breath to hold you in good stead. If you can step back and choose to look at all challenges as equal something profound happens; You can see that in lots of situations, challenges have arose and you’ve gotten through them. A few plates may have been dropped along the way but no heads rolled and you certainly learnt how to carry 3 at once in the end.

Also, by simply choosing to look at challenges this way we can then look at success the same and not place greater value on one success over another. Again a something profound occurs; You are able to rejoice, more often, in your success as the simple things become just as important!

The verb to ‘Life’ is ‘Live’. And as long as I’m growing, I’m living and what could be more purposeful than simply the experience of life?

G x