Why am I here

So far I’ve learnt that the answer is simply to grow.

Grow taller like the tree; Grow stronger like the ox; Grow smarter like Einstein; Grow kinder like a mother. It is what everything on the planet is inherently doing.

Growth comes through learning lessons, lessons are learnt from having new experiences.

Expanding your horizons needn’t be daunting; before anything is second nature it was once completely foreign. All it requires is shift in perception and a calm breath to hold you in good stead. If you can step back and choose to look at all challenges as equal something profound happens; You can see that in lots of situations, challenges have arose and you’ve gotten through them. A few plates may have been dropped along the way but no heads rolled and you certainly learnt how to carry 3 at once in the end.

Also, by simply choosing to look at challenges this way we can then look at success the same and not place greater value on one success over another. Again a something profound occurs; You are able to rejoice, more often, in your success as the simple things become just as important!

The verb to ‘Life’ is ‘Live’. And as long as I’m growing, I’m living and what could be more purposeful than simply the experience of life?

G x



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