Conscious Cooking

I had always detested cooking… until I began treating food as my medicine. When I came to fully understand the truth and madness behind the food industry, I felt compelled to prove to myself that REAL food was amazing on its own. I had no desire to give up my favourite foods completely I just knew that there had to be better ways that I could make them for myself! And the idea that I could create them in such a way that not only would I be guilt free but also doing something really great for myself excited me so much that I momentarily forgot how useless I thought I was in the kitchen!

The world of endless possibilities really opened up for me when I focussed on healing herbs and spices. I have made the simplest and easiest discoveries by looking to other cultures as a source of inspiration and by just being open and experimenting.  And It doesn’t take that long to become familiar with flavour combinations  and figure out what pairs well with what. Who knew that kale, coconut milk, turmeric, salt & pepper could be a little golden miracle?

I endeavour to always use fresh local produce (organic where possible). Only in times of desperation will I ever buy fruit or vegetable from any big name supermarket. They’re not real, they are genetically modified mush. No nutrients, no goodness, no flavour and full of pesticides and poisons that are completely counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve by making a healthy meal. Plus its so damn nice to get to know you’re local green grocer or farmers at the market! You can feel the love and care they have for what they do and you can taste it in the produce, the mutual appreciation that occurs is just so beautiful! It feels so good to know that whilst supporting yourself you are also supporting others to fulfill their passions and they’ve usually got some damn good recipes that their more than happy to share with you! It took a It takes a little time and planning to stay organised and on top of everything but it is so worth it plus I always cook large meals which means left overs and believe me when food tastes this good you actually want to eat it all week long!

I’ve never been a big meat eater and would never ever ever cook it myself. I have now been a vegetarian for the better part of the last 3 years (I thought I missed chicken for a little while but after eating it again it made me terribly sick so that was that, meat just doesn’t agree with me, physically or morally) and as of January 1st 2016 I became a vegan. It was something I had been thinking about for quite a while and it was becoming harder and harder to ignore. So now after spending a couple of years exploring I am challenged with making dishes that are vegan, refined sugar and gluten free! Which is actually not that hard at all when you are using REAL food! All the flavour you think you’re going to miss is actually increased with all the added herbs and spices! Plus food becomes a multi sensory experience, so pretty to look at and so fun to eat the rainbow!

When you have insight into the true benefits of food the cooking process changes dramatically! You are not only making a meal, you are cultivating and passing on good health and nourishment in order to sustain life!  Weather your cooking just for one or for your loved ones it can become a meditative, self love ritual as you can enhance the benefits of the abundant nutrients and send loving intentions into your meals with every stir of the wooden spoon! So now that I have taken the plunge and committed to a vegan lifestyle for at least a year (I’m not going to lie I miss cheese already) I have decided to challenge myself even further with my cooking.
Every week I’m going to endeavour to either make one recipe that I  have never made before or use at least one ingredient I have never cooked with before!

And I shall, of course, be sharing my experiences and recipes here! Stay tuned for updates with this weeks healthy baked falafels and last weeks raw phad thai (that even my completely carnivores uncle couldn’t get enough of) 😀

Love, G x


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