SUMAC x 3 !

I truly nailed this weeks dinner challenge. 3 New recipes and a new ingredient ! I have to say a giant thank you to the gorgeous Lauren from AscensionKitchen for her amazing recipes!

New flavour in the spice rack is SUMAC !
Sumac has been on my ‘to try’ list for a little while now its featured a lot in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Persian cuisine and I’m wishing I had gotten around to it sooner, it has surely become a new favourite and staple! It has an irresistibly rich yet fresh aroma – something akin to an amazing paprika X cumin X lemon mash up! Plus its rich in Vitamin C antioxidants, it is anti microbial so it fights bad bacteria in the body, a potent anti fungal as well as being anti inflammatory! Such a gem !

I LOVE falafel but unfortunately its fried and does not make my insides feel the love … I’ve tried variations of baked falafel previously and had no such luck, this HealthyBakedFalafel recipe from Ascension Kitchen blew my mind! First of all, they are green! And jam packed with goodness! Spinach, parsley, coriander and sunflower seeds to bind them! I cannot control my need to tweak recipes and make them my own so I swapped the sesame seeds for hemp seeds for added brain power!  AND this recipe also features an incredible a turmeric dip! Turmeric has to be one of my favourite spices, it is just ridiculous how good for your body… I try to include it wherever I can!

Im dip obsessed and was really feeling the Middle Eastern vibes so I couldn’t resist whipping up a bowl of LovelyBonesHumus! Humus is classic healthy dip however, traditionally made with chickpeas and since I’m not so much a fan of over doing it with legumes – this recipe is so super clever and uses peeled ZUCCHINI instead! And it tastes – dare I say – better than original humus! I once again added hemp seeds and topped it with sumac for the trifecta!

Served with a giant, fresh Mediterranean style salad on a bed of crunchy lettuce and shredded cabbage because eating rainbows is just too much fun !

G x




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