Little lessons on self love…

It is of the upmost importance to show yourself a great deal of compassion.
Do not let anyone, even yourself, make you feel unworthy of your pain. It is yours; It is within your experience and must be acknowledged in order to be let go of and transformed into a butterfly of personal growth.
There is no use in sweeping it under the rug because ‘Others have it worse than you’ – That only serves to perpetuate feelings of guilt and I’ve not met a soul yet who’s been comforted remotely by that statement. It will be of far greater value to approach your situation with empathy, as though it is the most important conflict in the world and then begin to nut your way out of it, slowly and gently. As if you were offering guidance to your best friend. Then the issue can dealt with or worked through. But if you do not accept there was ever an issue – nothing can possibly be resolved. And if you were to berate yourself – well, war only leads to longer wars. Kill your troubles with kindness.


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