Fresh Fig Jam


This last weekend I was lucky enough to encounter an adorable young girl, on my way to my favourite green grocer in Fremantle (Galati A & Sons), with a stand set up outside her house selling FRESH FIGS right from her garden ! And at the unbeatable price of 3 for $1 ! Better than a lemonade stand if you ask me! I’ve never bought fresh figs before and planned to just snack on them or use them to top my smoothie bowls until I stumbled upon this gem of a recipe in The Happy Cookbook!

Thank you to the lil honey of a human that is Lola Berry for coming up with this incredibly simple, quick and REFINED SUGAR FREE recipe! Say WHAT ?! Jam with no sugar? My dad is still in awe. And with the original recipe containing just 4 ingredients (figs, chia, maple syrup & cinnamon) I couldn’t help but add my own embellishments!

1 Plum – white flesh
5 fresh figs
4 TBSP chia seeds
2 TBSP Agave (subbed maple syrup)
1/4 Lemon – Juice & zest
1 inch Fresh Ginger
a pinch of cinnamon

Place the plum in a small sauce pan and cover with filtered water, add the ginger, lemon juice & zest and simmer for a few minutes until the skin softens and begins to split.

Meanwhile prepare the other ingredients.

Slice the figs and add to a bowl with the chia seeds, cinnamon and agave.

Drain the water from the sauce pan, try to save as much of the ginger and zest as possible, slice the flesh off the stone of the plum then add to the bowl.

I used an immersion blender to blitz all the ingredients until mildly smooth – The fig and chia seeds wont completely break down and this is fine 🙂

Store in a jar in the refrigerator for up to two weeks!



Adorable little girl under her table of figs ❤


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