Spiced Pink Sauerkraut

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to share something with the world; This is probably my favourite recipe i’ve ever created, its so good for your body and its so easy !

I’m obsessed with fermented foods at the moment and can’t get enough! The benefits from adding a simple side of fermented foods to your meal are exponential! The give a massive boost to your immune system as well as doing wonders to increase healthy gut flora, aiding digestion and assimilation of nutrients so you receive more benefits from the foods you’re already eating!

You’ve probably heard of probiotics and thats exactly what you’re getting from fermented foods! Although when you consume capsule probiotics they often contain chemicals and other additives that more or less undo the benefits they claim to contain, however when you consume raw, natural fermented foods you’re getting probiotics plus a whole lot of other beneficial nutrients that your body will love you for! Ancient cultures such as those that stemmed Traditional Chinese Medicine have long been advocates and consumers of fermented probiotic rich foods which they claim to increase life span and add to optimal health. In my personal experience, when your digestive system is happy, so are you! And when they taste this GREAT theres really no reason not to give them a go!
Especially if you have issues with its or digesting your favourite comfort foods; various proteins or heavy starchy things like bread, this can be a godsend!

I’ve been buying jars and jars of fermented foods recently and at near $20 a pop I thought surely I could do that at home – wait a week or so – and tailor them to suit my taste and get another dose of my favourite spices at 1/4 of the cost. Sure its seemed daunting at first but after #SaurkrautExperiment Number 1.. Im here to let you know that it really is too damn easy, super fun and well worth the minimal effort!


Half a Chinese Cabbage
Half a Red Cabbage
1 TBSP Himalayan Pink Salt
1 tsp Tumeric
4 tsp toasted Fenugreek Seeds
1 clove of Garlic
1/4 of a Lemon
1 cap full of Apple Cider Vinegar
Lots of cracked Black Pepper


Finely slice the cabbage and add it into a large bowl with the salt and massage until a brine it starts releasing a brine.
Add the spices and continue to massage until the cabbage wilts and the size decreases by about half. Then pack it firmly into a jar and make sure there is at least an inch of brine at the top covering the cabbage.
Then seal the jar, its recommended that you use cling wrap and a rubber band to avoid the liquid expanding and spilling out..
Then leave it in a dark cupboard at room temperature for at least a week.
You can taste it intermittently to achieve your desired flavour, (I left mine for 10 days) then once your happy place it in the fridge as that drastically slows the fermentation process and enjoy with every meal ! ❤ 



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