So, technically this just features the HABANERO HOT SAUCE but since we’re talking HOT I wanted to share my tried, tested and perfected method for home made hot chips!


It can be used for sweet potatoes and regular potatoes alike!

Slice potatoes fairly thinly and approximately similar sizes to ensure even cooking time! Then in a large bowl simply combine them with half a teaspoon each of your choice of spices, my preferences are sumac and oregano! Then toss and coat with coconut oil.

Lay them evenly on a coconut oiled baking tray ensuring none are touching and grind black pepper and himalayan sea salt to taste. Then place in a 200 degree, preheated oven to bake.

The real secret is attention and patience. once they begin to brown after about 15-20 minutes you must take them out and let them cool for about a minute, then flip them over and repeat in another 15-20mins. Then once the outside is beginning to crisp nice and evenly take them out to cool substantially for about 5 minutes. Then place them back in for another 5 – 10 minutes and the result yields the BEST twice cooked crispy crunchy hot chips !

G x


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