Soup Glorious Soup !


I am not ashamed to admit that I have a serious obsession with soup. My excuse would be that its winter; but I don’t really think I need one because its just unbeatable. Twice last week and twice so far this week soup has been the only thing I have eaten all day. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. To be air it has been a pretty magical time with the variety I have had available to me! From my own variations on tomato, new cafes opening around work dropping off cups of their organic broccoli soup to us at work to introduce themselves. to coming home to dads vegan potato and leek or minestrone. Basically its been a dream come true and I plan on it continuing.

One of the reasons I love soup is because you can get so much out of it flavour wise and nutrition wise! I have been experimenting with recipes from the Gwenyth Paltrow curated blog GOOP.
I am in love with the Hot & Sour Soup from the Good Detox. Its so tasty; So quick and simple to prepare! I make mine with veggie stock instead of chicken, sweet almond oil instead of sesame, a combo of Coconut amigos & Apple cider vinegar instead of the rice wine, besan instead of arrowroot flour and love loading it up with lots of Coriander and Bean Sprouts!




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