Hello and Welcome…

I’m G and the real me is hopelessly romantic, dramatic, hilarious, idealistic and passionate!

And this my expression of my exploration of life and myself through art, creation, quotes, quips, aphorisms, musings, philosophies, essays, contemplations, inspirations, astrology, food, interests!

Basically; this is what I’ve learnt and this is what I’m leaning and I think it is far more empowering for you and I to feel as though we are learning and growing together presently and constantly – so id like to start sharing now x



Georgia Carter is a Australian Multi-medium Artist. Her work is an expression of her fondness for the written word, the human body, visual arts, fashion and textiles, photography and life itself. Currently based in Perth, Western Australia, Georgia is a trained dancer; After completing her Cert1V in Performing Arts in 2013 at Brent Street, Sydney, she spent time working as an extra and a model, all the while cultivating her unique perspective on the world. Since making the decision to take some time out and move to perth late 2015 she is focussed on deepening her understanding of self and health. At present Georgia is a freelance writer and regular contributor for Green Goodness Co.

Enquires: gcarter1994@icloud.com


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