Truth Tea: Nostalgia



She made the town troubadour loss for words,
People wrote songs about girls like her,
She makes people stop and stare and she knows it.
She makes men light up in her presence.
This is what she always wished for.
She desired so much and ultimately – just to be desired herself.
Until she realised that no matter what grande scale of adoration you receive,
It can’t make up for you not feeling…

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It is well worth ones while to stay up to date on all sorts of current affairs. From the goings on in pop culture to the conflicts between governments. For all serve as a mirror to various aspects of the human psyche.

When Life Gives You Lemons make …


Its been a good time for commercial and hip hop music of late, with new work from Kanye, Rihanna and Drake – Last weekend Beyonce released her visual album LEMONADE. With out so much warning as a few inconspicuous Instagram hints. It has been met with as many criticisms to match accolades but the bottom line is It blew up. And I think its worth high lighting why Beyonce is the ultimate female pop culture icon of our time. She is the only woman in the industry who has the power to just drop a record out of no where, with no promotion, no marketing and have it be an overnight success. She is also one of the only females in music who has full control of every aspect of her brand and company. A strong business woman who has been in the industry a long time and has achieved immense success for a long time. Not without lack of work.

This woman is all about work and honing her craft. Which is singing and performing. She’s a true old school r&b artist – all hood soul. She is so brilliant at her craft because she immerses herself in every aspect and trains consistently to use herself and her art to new levels! You can’t fake those vocals. Beyonce, like her idol Nina Simone, prides herself on her voice being her instrument; Learning and executing that instrument to the best of her ability. That is what she brings to the song writing process.
Truly great artists know the value in collaboration so weather all of her songs are written sold by her should not even be discussed. Everyone in a studio has an area of expertise to bring to the table and allowing a space for that to realise a vision is what makes great work.
That being said, a project can also simply be a project. Just a wacked out idea from a daydream, whilst you allowed your mind to drift off to try and make light the tribulations of daily life. Perhaps drawing from real life experience and embellishing to capture and dramatise the essence of human emotion. Which is what art does, it simply reflects human nature.

Which is what Lemonade does. It portrays the journey that is all too familiar for people or it resonates with common feelings of betrayal, guilt, anger and love. Beyonce has used her platform as the biggest female artist to release a body of work that pushes boundaries creatively, visually, musically and has used her musical talent to bring the focus back to the concept of an album. Basically she made a movie so people would listen to and understand her WHOLE album and not just the singles that get killed on the radio. The amount of work, effort and love that goes into making an album should be respected. Every aspect – from the title to the artwork. Beyonce goes above and beyond.
Lemonade is the proof of that; With its incredibly styled images, costumes and settings brilliantly juxtaposing contemporary and classic themes. With subtle imagery that cleverly plays with your emotions, evoking a feels of being threatened much like you do when you find yourself questioning your relationship. Tying in with the stunning aesthetic is raw, deep poetry between songs. She’s showcasing her brilliance as a multifaceted artist – singer, dancer and actor – and allowing herself to fully express her creativity through her strongest medium.
Whilst creating a timeless sound that perfectly immortalised our culture, lyrically and musically. She has the ability to pay homage to her inspirations and her heritage; r&b. The sweet side of hip hop culture. Honestly, she wifey to the biggest hustler in the game. Hip hop culture is real. Its its own genre but she finds an original sound that explores r&b ballads, pop hooks, hip hop raps, and on this album brings the southern influence of her heritage to the forefront. All this whilst using relatable lyrics to drop feminist bombshells, political bombshells and personal too. Little by little awakening the general public. She takes reality and fantasy and blends them into artistry. Whilst creating a platform for others to expose and express their art. I guarantee that for every dancer that worked on lemonade that was a dream come true. Same goes for the rest of the crew and truly to work on something of that calibre with the best in the business, seeing how they do things, having their visions realised through your work also – that is what makes magic in the entertainment business.

The bottom line here is that there will always be * snobs * trying to say that pop culture is lacking in taste and ruining young minds but Andy Warhol changed the world with brillo boxes and if you think there is something wrong with having a big ol dance party trya build yourself up to feeling like your flyest self because your just trying to handle lifes inevitable difficulties ? Then you haven’t tried it and you need to. And someone needs to lay down those tracks in a contemporary and magnificent way. Thanks for providing Bey.

G x

Total eclipse of the mind, body and soul

Currently in western society I feel as though we’re under the impression that natural instincts are something that has far more to do with animals than humans. Animals that are perceived to have a lesser consciousness. When really its humans who are coming out looking stupid as we have so much more awareness available to us than just that of our thinking mind. It requires patience and stillness to hear, understand and master but once achieved the experience of life is taken to whole new level.

The intelligence of the body astounds me. It sends us signals constantly only most of us don’t know how to pay attention, don’t know what they mean or just choose to ignore them. “Gut feelings? But what about reason and rationality?!” Says the ego mind. But some things simply can’t be explained by typical “reason and rationality”, For example this past week or so I’ve been battling a wrist and hamstring injury. There was no specific moment that I injured them. I did not do anything out of the ordinary. Just my normal yoga practice everyday. So why all of a sudden have my wrist and at first hip then hamstring become inflamed?

Is it pure coincidence or the true explanation to discuss the fact that this week we have a powerful solar eclipse occurring at the new moon… Eclipses are a powerful time for the release of skewed perceptions and bad habits and new moons are the best time for setting new intentions and surrendering to your true path.

The past few weeks I have felt some resistance in moving ahead and have even had some old behaviour patterns rear their ugly heads – I now can see it that that was in fact necessary so i could once and for all stop romanticising who I once wished to be and see these patterns and habits in the new light of my awakened self; See them for what they truly are, how they are not a part of me and have challenged me to go deeper into myself and clear out any remaining debris from my subconscious in terms of past fears, losses and pain that I was reluctant to let go.

“This eclipse occurs on Aquarius/Leo axis… In Aquarius we are asked to release who we thought we were in our social groups and adjust our goals, ideal vision of who we are and what life is ‘about’. The north node (Rahu) is in Leo, the sign of Shining Self, sovereignty and leadership. This Solar eclipse foreshadows a reassesment of who we are and how we are running our Kingdom. ” – Asha Maria ; TheExistentialAstrologer .

This is very much on par with what I have been experiencing as of late and I found it very interesting that the right wrist is all about how you hold yourself, the role you play and how you are viewed by society. So no wonder my wrist has been aching as I’m releasing my attachment once again to the person I used to want to be, the path I used to want to follow and accepting that that path no longer serves my highest good, it is no longer for me. Which bring up the fear of “If I’m not that who am I?” Which is the wonderful thing about the leo aspect; Kings and queens of the jungle. We can feel strong standing in our truth, owning our power by walking our talk, and just allowing ourselves to BE. And finding strength and support by being vulnerable enough to surrender to the truest version of ourselves and fearing not that we are unsure of the path in front of us but feeling excited because we are no longer bound by pointless habits and tribulations for we are free!

As for my hip and hamstring; Your hips hold the tension of unprocessed emotions. During a yoga practice I felt a large release in my IT band and after that I felt like I was getting my flow back, on the mat and off. Then my hamstring started to pull. I realised it was because of those old patterns resurfacing; an old injury was resurfacing. I was treating myself in a similar way to how I did when I was training to be a dancer and I would tear my hamstring over and over again and basically ignore it and try to push it further out of fear of being held back, fear of not being good enough. I was again processing those similar emotions. But this time with loving kindness by the end of it. Just going gently and quietly listening to what my body needs and that is revealing deeper layers of how I can be kind to my mind and my heart. Things that for many many years I sorely neglected.

At this time I am grateful for the wisdom I’ve gained, I’m grateful for the challenges as eventually they will help others overcome similar challenges as well as push me forward. I’m looking forward to setting some spectacular new intentions this new moon and for the first time in my life not being afraid of a solar eclipse! Also very thankful for the beautiful and wise words of Asha Maria, always providing timely comfort and clarity ❤

G x


Perspective from the grassy knoll

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I once lived in an old brick apartment building and right behind us was a small park with some perfectly spherical grassy knolls; I used to lay back on them late at night and stare up at the stars. After a while I allowed my perception to shift and I began to realise that up was actually very much down…
We humans have created such strange concepts and laws to live by on this little earth of ours – linear time, straight lines, forward motion. When in reality we are so at the mercy of the natural laws and upon reflection from a greater distance, we can see that our perspective is very limited and in the grand scheme of things we have kind of got it all mixed up!

In any case, on one particular occasion I was feeling particularly hopeless; I was in between jobs, a lot of my friends had disappeared and I was inevitably left contemplating the meaning of the entire universe, as well as my place in it! I was trying to find strength within myself not to give up on everything I had worked so hard for thus far and reason to keep moving forward in pursuit of my passions. Terrified and overwhelmed by almost everything in life at that moment, grappling with immense confusion of direction and severe anxiety as a result. I could do no more than surrender to the support of the earth underneath my back, count my shallow breath in and out, as silent tears slid down my cheeks and wish upon the many stars that I could be one of them.
Until, I was, at once possed by the realisation that the absolute scariest thing that could possibly happen at any given moment is for gravity to stop working. If gravity gave up we would literally fall off the earth and into the sky.
Its a bit strange to consider since we shoot off UP into the sky in our rocket ships and explore the depths of the oceans DOWN below us but it’s none the less a very accurate way to look at things! And I had, for the first time in a long while, a profound moment of great clarity, and my little world didn’t seem so daunting.

Now, when I begin to feel overwhelmed, nervous and unsure about what direction to move in or whether or not I’ll be able to find my way…
I try to remember that moment and that feeling of being completely supported whilst completely surrendered. The universe has not failed me yet, for I am still here; I have not failed myself yet, for I am still here.
And in truth, I have only experienced growth, become wiser, stronger and more diverse. It can be difficult to remain fully conscious of it, at times… However, I am more than grateful… For the road thus far, this present path and the adventures ahead.

G x



Finding Purpose

Everything has been said before,
Is it fortunate or unfortunate that it has not been understood by all ?

For had it not been said and done here prior,
This knowledge I would be yet to acquire

So I shall be not intimidated by my desire,
To express my truth to all that I wish to inspire

G x